It’s Fun

“I had come to India to kill the Hindus”

Says 20 year old Usman aka Kasim aka Naved

A terrorist

Who was caught and arrested

A few days ago

He further says, “It’s fun”

He is from our neighboring country

Is it a neighborly act?

I sincerely hope

Our neighbors to realize

That the place where hatred is born

Gets burn itself in its flame


7 thoughts on “It’s Fun

  1. Yes, yes, yes. so true. This is important for me as an American, since my country exports so much hatred and war. But here, that singular face, the horrible comment, “It’s fun,” what could be FUN about killing another person because of their religion? A hard poem to write, I’m sure, but very important. Thanks for stopping by my blog… Amy

  2. A provocative topic for a poem but am sure it was heartfelt

    p.s. hatred is the hell we all can feel and have to resist acting on in the extreme – we have such neighbours living in our midst.

  3. I have the same feeling, when reading of Swedish people leaving to fight for Islamic State… the fun part is something that is especially chilling.. there seems to be a certain part of population (of men) that are always on the lookout for violence… some become terrorists and other becomes gangsters of football hooligans… I wonder what made them so.. hatred yes, but also something other..

Thank You :)

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