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We all once lived

In the closed chamber

For months

Who showed us the escape way?


Courage like seedling sprouts

To break away

From the claustrophobic fear

Of dark decaying

Holding time’s hand

Once out in the open

There is plenty of sunshine,

Lungful of free air

I salute the mother

Threatened at gun point

Cast her vote

In favor of her candidate*

*A thirty something mother saw her three year old beaten with bamboo sticks by the goons who wanted her and her family not to go out to vote. Her whole family was severely beaten up by them including her.


I am absolutely brain dead watching TV these days. Her courage did inspire me to write these words.

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I called the bitter gourd plant

My queen that day

When magically

She peeped

From the soft soil

Of my minuscule garden

Surprise! Surprise!

How could I welcome the queen?

I ensured



Wooden staff

For her to climb joyfully

A few bees

Some sunbirds

For her companionship

With all the buzzing and twittering

She thrived

Her emerald yields

I shared with my neighbors too

If I only knew

She was susceptible

To so many insects and pests

And the attacks could be averted

By only wrapping up the fruits

With newspapers

When they’re a few centimeters long

An untimely death could be averted

She did need more care

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How painstakingly

They twist every word uttered

Squeeze truth out of them

Hurl at us the chaff of words

To feed on them and be happy

They do not take us for fools

They know

We are caught between

Scylla and Charybdis

Base twisters

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The word today is Twist