I called the bitter gourd plant

My queen that day

When magically

She peeped

From the soft soil

Of my minuscule garden

Surprise! Surprise!

How could I welcome the queen?

I ensured



Wooden staff

For her to climb joyfully

A few bees

Some sunbirds

For her companionship

With all the buzzing and twittering

She thrived

Her emerald yields

I shared with my neighbors too

If I only knew

She was susceptible

To so many insects and pests

And the attacks could be averted

By only wrapping up the fruits

With newspapers

When they’re a few centimeters long

An untimely death could be averted

She did need more care

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Organic @ Poets United


18 thoughts on “Organic

  1. ooooooOOOO! I love your new design! And then the poem: To me the ending was such a surprise! The growth of the Queen so beautifully tended, so tendered and tall and productive, should not have ended so! I wish we could know before what hindsight teaches so well. I wish we could keep all that’s good in our lives. Oh, I grieve with you for what we have not been able to do in tending our personal gardens. Stewardship is a great joy and sorrow and everything in between.

  2. My husband, the gardener, can so much relate to your poem. He’s outside now, trying to protect his organic babies. But, the rabbits and birds just love what he plants and can’t wait til there’s any fruit. He struggles between feeding the animals and feeding us.
    (I like how you designed your blog. Nice.)

  3. Ah, home-grown vegetables are a source of pride, a thing of beauty, and beyond-description delicious. Try again….your garden will be full of these emerald jewels! 🙂

  4. I understand your attachment to your bitter gourd plant and your sadness when it did not thrive as well as you had wished. I have experienced the same with different plants…last year some tomatoes. We really do get attached to living things, don’t we? And mourn when things go wrong and we feel so helpless then.

  5. I am reminded of Exupéry’s “Little Prince”, Sumana. We must suffer a few caterpillars if we wish to enjoy butterflies. They are all part of the greater scheme of things. Luscious verse!
    PS: I too, like the simplicity and cleanness of your new look blog theme!

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