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We all once lived

In the closed chamber

For months

Who showed us the escape way?


Courage like seedling sprouts

To break away

From the claustrophobic fear

Of dark decaying

Holding time’s hand

Once out in the open

There is plenty of sunshine,

Lungful of free air

I salute the mother

Threatened at gun point

Cast her vote

In favor of her candidate*

*A thirty something mother saw her three year old beaten with bamboo sticks by the goons who wanted her and her family not to go out to vote. Her whole family was severely beaten up by them including her.


I am absolutely brain dead watching TV these days. Her courage did inspire me to write these words.

Posted for Susan’s Midweek motif ~ Open / Openness @ Poets United


21 thoughts on “Open

  1. When I hear of stories like makes sad to think that most Westerners do not exercise their right to vote. Some countries have had to make it compulsory because people just cannot be bothered.

  2. A working brain is stressful during what the news broadcasts are bringing us these days, my friend. Our minds cant hold it…..I dont watch the politics as they are too frightening. I like that you quote Michael Moore who is one of my heroes. That brave young woman, to cast her vote, refusing to be stopped. Unimaginable that her three year old was beaten to intimidate her. What a strange world this is becoming.

  3. The imagery also made me think of giving birth – and literally coming out into the light – yes..brave women often get overlooked in mainstream news..i am glad she is honoured here

  4. Horrifying incidence… Haven’t seen any other party resort to this much violence in recent history!! Sometimes humans behave worst than animals..
    Beautifully expressed… , Sumana!

  5. To be free comes at a cost and often that cost is our life. What use is a life of slavery and confinement – better to die free and with one’s principles intact. But how much courage is needed for that!
    Beautiful and powerful, Sumana.

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