we are

adventurous enough

to overhear

open sesame

we would always




Who wants

this universe

to become

an open book


a hundred times over?


Let mystery



the hearts




to keep

our quest




In the meanwhile

some would

never want

that little bit

of skinder

on dit

heart to heart

tete a tete

and the walk

through the grapevine

to end.





Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Secrecy @ Poets United


19 thoughts on “Secrecy

  1. Surely not! And yet that productive intimate secrecy is the first to be distorted by power-mongers–especially those who fear women. They envy; they throw us off their scent; they have no such loveliness in their sordid lives. Oh my! How did this sweet, mystical poem lead me into such anger? I who want to preserve the access and right to this freedom most of all? You’ve touched one of my secret buttons.

  2. I agree. We need that mystery, we need those secrets, for without them, everything would be so dull, everything would be soiled by the human touch. And yes, let that “walk through the grapevine” continue. “Surely.”
    Very well penned. 🙂

  3. Mystery is definitely’s one of the fuels of imagination – also love the expression ‘that little bit of skinder on dit’ – fits perfectly with the image

  4. and the walk
    through the grapevine
    to end. Surely.

    Secrets are juicy gossips at one end and real life and death info, not to easily divulged at the other end. Very true Sumana! Secrets should not be taken lightly.


  5. I love the mention of the grapevine in your closing…it reminds me of the dance step and the weaving way that two people can saunter along while doing this. Lovely sentiment of mystery within.

Thank You :)

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