River Lidder, in Pahalgam, Kashmir





“Walking is a virtue, tourism is a deadly sin.”– Bruce Chatwin, What Am I Doing Here?


I was just having a mosey round Pahalgam, a town at the foothill of the mighty Himalayas. Tourists on ponies were leisurely passing by.  Tall meditative pines exuding peace filled my being. I was cautious not to step on the beauties peeping from the grass leaf wearing their multi color attires. Everything here from the teeny tiny grass flowers to the birds fox-trotting, hovering kites, dappled ponies, long coated street dogs, the velvet green valley, mountain, babbling of Lidder* and above all, the people are carved from Beauty. Yes, they truly are.


My physic ached for a touch of them yet my boot, overcoat, woolen cap and also the language bar wouldn’t let me do so. My thoughts became faint bubbles disappearing into almost nothingness. My soul longed to be immersed into this deep and vast ocean of tranquility yet the hourglass in the mind would keep reminding me to end the walk and get back to the tourist bus, waiting to take us to Chandanbari and Aru valley.


Dewdrops on leaf

The kite like lightning swoops down

We walk homewards



*a river in Kashmir



Posted for Haibun Monday #13 – Walking @ dVerse


10 thoughts on “Walking

  1. This was great, full of surprising and inventive word choices. The haiku is a great mirror to the body of the haibun. No matter how much we want to immerse ourselves– lose ourselves even– in the joys of nature, it can be difficult to the point of impossibility to tune out the concerns of our daily lives; that nagging inner monologue in our heads. This felt very honest, and was a pleasure to read

  2. That is a stunning sight of a river ~ Sadly when we are just tourists, everyone is hurrying us back to the bus ~ Love this part:My soul longed to be immersed into this deep and vast ocean of tranquility ~

  3. I love your “listing” here — and I especially liked the twist at the end — that you were one of those on the tourist bus, wishing you could stand by yourself just a bit longer before getting back into the hard seat of reality in the bus. Well done!

Thank You :)

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