Photo Credit: Deepak Amembal’s Magiceye


I become all feathers

My bones turn hollow

Hands wings


Beaks of Munias*


Holding songs

For you,

You alone,

My Muse


You fold your wings

Alighting softly

On my palms

Looking at me

With your

Dudhraj** eyes

And promise me

To ‘fly me

To the moon’



*a kind of finch found in India

**Indian Paradise Flycatcher


Posted for Sumana’s Midweek Motif @ Poets United


17 thoughts on “Birds

  1. What a transformation! Something to look forward to, to stay open for, with Dudhraj eyes both promising and asking for the moon! Sigh. My new cats have Dudhraj eyes, but they don’t yet come to my hands. You are magic.

  2. Nature’s creatures are great prompts for writing especially when we humanize them and give them our feelings. Of course this is not new as ancient Greek and Roman mythology really loved that aspect in their literature.

Thank You :)

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