You presumed I missed

that malicious glint

in your eyes

the smirk

in the corner of your lips

while you were busy

in your attempt

to numb my soul

spray fears

and toll the bell so untimely.


I saw everything.

Sorry, Death.

Faith is hard to shake.

You failed

to make me your perfect victim

to wail day in and day out.

I still Stand.


I thank you

for teaching me forbearance

and opening my inner eye

to look within.



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Bullying @ Poets United


14 thoughts on “Bullying

  1. Ouch! The grace in this stance is beyond words.The strength in this grace is a gift you reveal. Not to say it isn’t ironic as well. An amazing poem that I will keep forever.

  2. There is a towering strength in this poem – strong, majestic..resilient.. to be the victim of anything is regrettable – to find the strength to overcome it – admirable

  3. This is a remarkable poem, Sumana. Indeed Death is a big bully. Your poem is a poem of strength, and it takes a strong person not to let Death win.

  4. I think Death is so many things, a tease, a soother, a lover even enticing us but in the end like all bullies he will insist on getting his own which he usually does. What a defiant poem this is.

  5. Oh, the strength and grace you show as you walk your path, Sumana, is an inspiration. This is a wonderful poem, “I still Stand.” Yes, you do, and I applaud you.

  6. A very beautiful poem, Sumana, but I disagree with you, on your stance towards Death. For Death is, the ultimate expression of balance, which no one can escape. In seeing, no economic, societal or caste position, of an individual. I can see, how someone may view Death, as a “bully”, in taking a love one, before their time, from us. But so can, life, be viewed, in a similar manner, in prolonging the agony of one’s suffering, without end.

  7. I understand your fine words. Sometime the ?promise of untimely death is with us – yet we fight back and win. And I would fight back too – I am not yet ready to leave this Earth.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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