A Birthday Poem





         Poem to One

         Who is turning







This bright blue

candle of a day

with the flame of

the soft rosy sun

I am sending you

to celebrate from

a far away shore.

Also gifting you

a cake of a poem

baked with very

simple words of

love, my friend.

When twilight

will slowly draw

its curtain today

night will be lit up

with all the starry

wishes of the

loved ones; my

note also joins

all twinkling voice

to deeply pray

for many more

happy returns

of the lovely day.

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Indian Summer



        Summer storm

            Green drops of mangoes

        Children rush



        First summer full moon

            Spreads waves of love all around

        The Buddha wakes up



      Silent birds of noon

           Seek fig leaves to rest under

      I dream of monsoon

 *It is believed that Gautama Buddha was born on the day of first summer full moon

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The super power

is no country

but the green, greener, greenest

Pine Tree.

It braves the grievous storm

clinging to its ground of faith,

bent yet knowing its path

to be upright once more.

Once on a velvet night

I saw it

standing straight

with a crown of light.

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I am blessed with rest

except the slumber hours

beyond my control.

My every waking moment

is filled with Words

in various forms,

hues, attires.

I watch them intently

just as you watch

the ballerinas on stage


Not all are art forms.

The garrulous of them

squabbling in the grotto

of my brain

tell me my whereabouts.

I thank them

For holding the mirror

to see my inner countenance.

I care for them

even when they are dark

and thunderous;

For I know

there will be a torrential rain

to cool me down.

They are my playmates,

my songs, my love;

When you are with

someone you love

all your time is restful

and bliss.


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The Riders


courtesy: Poets United


Bless the hands

that hold the manes

of the wind

and ride.


I know

In Whose image

you are made.



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[I am in absolute awe of the scientists who have dedicated their life for the welfare of the world.]



How angelic of him

to give me a pair of wings!

I’ll make use of them

alighting in the noisy minds

to sow seeds of silence.

How this world burns

with blistering, deadly words of hatred!

I weep

at your mutilated, bleeding hearts.

Take a dip and bathe

in the depth of my eyes;

drink my smile in gallons

till the last blood stain

is washed away.

Rise from Death.

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A Tree-Song



“For your shelter

health and peace

I shall stand my ground

even if you tear,

hack and chop me to pieces;

till my last breath

I shall drench you

with birdsongs

to melt your heart;

I promise.”

It’s a tree song,

welling up

from the green bosom;

spreading in waves of love.

Hope the gentle notes

find the hearts to bloom.

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Loss of A Gift of God

2014-04-25 18.18.26

My only daughter Shruti (b.28th Oct. 1988  left 19th Jan.2015)


I could hear your steps becoming fainter,

your youthful demure, a shadow.

Alas! we always breathed your breezy words.

Our sweet balms, our joys of living were they.

One day they ceased to flow.

We are now breathless,

and doomed forever in the land of

stormy lull and dark hours.


My only born you were.

Little, velvet touch rose without a thorn.

A song you were to be sung forever.

When your prattles blossomed into words

you brought heaven down

in our heart.

Like the autumn bees

We thought “….warm days will never cease”*.


Like the silver lining

the fragrant memories fill our heart.

Your diary-words still unread

throb in the pages waiting.

Our anxieties over you have ended.

But not that wait

to be with you my precious;

after these earthly days are spent.



*The quote is taken from Keats’ ode “To Autumn”


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