Loss of A Gift of God

2014-04-25 18.18.26

My only daughter Shruti (b.28th Oct. 1988  left 19th Jan.2015)


I could hear your steps becoming fainter,

your youthful demure, a shadow.

Alas! we always breathed your breezy words.

Our sweet balms, our joys of living were they.

One day they ceased to flow.

We are now breathless,

and doomed forever in the land of

stormy lull and dark hours.


My only born you were.

Little, velvet touch rose without a thorn.

A song you were to be sung forever.

When your prattles blossomed into words

you brought heaven down

in our heart.

Like the autumn bees

We thought “….warm days will never cease”*.


Like the silver lining

the fragrant memories fill our heart.

Your diary-words still unread

throb in the pages waiting.

Our anxieties over you have ended.

But not that wait

to be with you my precious;

after these earthly days are spent.



*The quote is taken from Keats’ ode “To Autumn”


Posted for MTB @ dVerse Where Gayle is hosting today and we are asked to write an Elegy.


Shared with Sanaa’s prompt ~ Take time out and stop to smell the Roses – [17] for her Prmpt Nights @ A Dash Of Sunny