A Tree-Song



“For your shelter

health and peace

I shall stand my ground

even if you tear,

hack and chop me to pieces;

till my last breath

I shall drench you

with birdsongs

to melt your heart;

I promise.”

It’s a tree song,

welling up

from the green bosom;

spreading in waves of love.

Hope the gentle notes

find the hearts to bloom.

Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Commitment @ Poets United


18 thoughts on “A Tree-Song

  1. There’s something so sad about seeing an old tree hacked out of the ground. And yet so many have been brought down to allow for “progress”… like the “drench you with birdsong”…

  2. Oh, yes! I remember that children’s book about the loving tree who finally became a chair or a splinter, I think. It seemed to me to be such a cruel sacrifice! But in your poem, I think instead of Jesus and this whole earth. I hope a heart or two will hold such a gift of drenching in song and love.

  3. One of the saddest sights is to see a mature tree being felled despite its beauty, despite its benefit to ours and other creatures survival, just to provide an easier route for a highway or industrial development.

  4. At the moment where I live trees over a hundred years old are being destroyed for a highway. The tree were planted for the Anzacs. It is scandalous…there have been protests but the majority of people could not give a damn.

  5. I have a great love of trees too. And oh the joy of being drenched by birdsong. Tis so that one of my neighbour’s trees is a home for a multitude of birds and how they sing.
    Anna :o]

  6. “It’s a tree song,

    welling up

    from the green bosom;

    spreading in waves of love.”

    Yes…for me this is the core…and is what I saw and felt as I hugged my favorite tree this week. Thank you.

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