How angelic of him

to give me a pair of wings!

I’ll make use of them

alighting in the noisy minds

to sow seeds of silence.

How this world burns

with blistering, deadly words of hatred!

I weep

at your mutilated, bleeding hearts.

Take a dip and bathe

in the depth of my eyes;

drink my smile in gallons

till the last blood stain

is washed away.

Rise from Death.

Posted over @ dVerse Poetics where Lillian is hosting ~ Chisel me a conversation.  


13 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Oh Sumana — I began with a smile upon my lips, seeing the sculpture you chose and just looking at it for a pause, smiling broader at its sweetness — aye I was “bathing” in the calm and smile and serenity of it….and then I read your words and the smile began to fade and then a very small wisful smile, frozen on my face. How this world burns with blistering hate — searing image here. “Drink my smile” — feel my love — feel my calm — and the rising at the end. A poem, a sculpture of hope. May the souls be cleansed from the marks of hatred, their spilled blood — and may love rise from those of us who bear witness.
    Beautifully done. So much from so few words — and from this sculpture.

  2. The wisdom of a an innocent child with an angelic face comforts us as we hand over our pain and replace it with hope…important message of patience and love and beauty.

  3. First I was completely charmed by the statue you chose. Then your powerful words swept me away. I also like “drink my smile in gallons” as I think of the smile as love, kindness, and empathy. All things needed to change this world.

Thank You :)

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