The Riders


courtesy: Poets United


Bless the hands

that hold the manes

of the wind

and ride.


I know

In Whose image

you are made.



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Wind Power @Poets United



[I am in absolute awe of the scientists who have dedicated their life for the welfare of the world.]


18 thoughts on “The Riders

  1. I love how you poem is augmented by the quote and postscript..when science and the best will for us is joined together..we can but hope it is for the best and the good

  2. Oh, Sumana, what a gorgeous poem this is – “Bless the hands of those who hold the manes of the wind and ride.” Wow! Spectacular! I have a friend who has dedicated her life to the cause of clean energy. She knows how governments and big money interests have suppressed such change for decades, for love of oil and the money that goes with it. And we are reaping the result.

Thank You :)

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