Courtesy: A Dash Of Sunny


I am blessed with rest

except the slumber hours

beyond my control.

My every waking moment

is filled with Words

in various forms,

hues, attires.

I watch them intently

just as you watch

the ballerinas on stage


Not all are art forms.

The garrulous of them

squabbling in the grotto

of my brain

tell me my whereabouts.

I thank them

For holding the mirror

to see my inner countenance.

I care for them

even when they are dark

and thunderous;

For I know

there will be a torrential rain

to cool me down.

They are my playmates,

my songs, my love;

When you are with

someone you love

all your time is restful

and bliss.


Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights ~ On Popular Demand – Rest is the sweet sauce of Labor [6]


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