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As the day draws to a close

The Ganga* loses herself in the sea

Poetry words blunt into prose

The night writes the stars for me



The hawk-eye is fixed on the mice

Worms shift to beaks from the bark

Flowing water hardens into ice

I’ve fireflies to write in the dark



I am glad that I was born

I am glad that I shall die

I am glad that my path was of thorn

I will never ask Thou why




*The Ganges


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A Boon Companion


As the dawn promises yet another tar melting day I choose an unaesthetic cotton sari to drape myself to sail through this never ending nightmare. My summer saris neither speak in glaring colors nor are they grandiloquent in intricate designs of embroidery or motifs to weigh me down. They are rather humble beings; soft spoken and soothing. Old friends in trying times. In the furnace of a kitchen they would wipe the weariness that trickles in sweating streams with tender caress. Ah, for their feather touch love! The grueling day could have me stifled and make a tawny grass out of me soaking all my greenness but for those six yard drapes. As I embark on the breezy night I let my anchal* fly in the wind.



 The day simmers

Street dogs half immerse in ponds

      I drape nights in daydream




*one end of the sari draped over the shoulder.



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I don’t want to sound selfish

as I believe I am not,

well, that’s everyone’s faith

yet I can’t help rolling back to myself only

and not to this burning world.

It has been, is and will be

like this, always smeared with blood;

who could forget the scourging,

thorns, nails, lance

 and those five wounds

for a single Man?


Bloodshed is Eternal.

So is Love.


I am not given the responsibility

of this spinning planet

to make it whirl in my way.

Rather unlike previously

I have learnt

to bridle my tongue.

Now it discriminates

words and foods;

my feet, so used to strides

try to grasp smaller steps, now;

I try to let the Beauty and the Beast be.


For Bloodshed is Eternal.

So is Love.


I feel the change in me;

I have no want;

only when my eyes behold

the war torn Syrian children

holding a poster of Pikachu,

asking the Pokémon Go crazy world

to find them and rescue,

my heart bleeds;

words birth

I breathe silent prayers

to fill the air.


Bloodshed is Eternal.

So is Love.



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A Tweet


I left my job

to think of her smile

and other things in words.

She blooms

like the lone evening star

lambent, far

in my inner twilight sky.



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The Man






“I am cold, even though the heat of early summer is adequate. I am cold because I cannot find my heart.” ~Sebastian Barry from his novel A Long, Long Way”

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The man whom I came upon

has a whole forest, dense and deep

within him. He breathes freedom

of cardinals’ wings and rhythmic gait of a lion

on a chase. The golden manes flowing

in the wind, in joy of finding a prize.

I discovered him

in one of my dark, icy days

when my heart would not stir to light

and my tongue was a quartzite hand axe

absolutely pre historic.

He sat in a market place

amidst buyers and sellers;

people passed without a single glance

at him. The lonely man sat with a sun

in his lips; I thought he beckoned me;

in his eyes night twinkled

offering shelter and rest.

I sat at his feet

bathing myself in the musical epiphany

of his words that flowed from those parted lips.

I gave him my cold heart

and he slowly devoured me up.

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Sevenling (Suffrage)


Courtesy: Poets United


I stand in the long queue of ladies

Curtained Electronic Voting Machines wait too

While posse of sweating police silently guards.


I am to choose a lesser evil

And the EVMs will collect abstract dreams

The cheeky old sun winks at the police.


Political anti-heroes shake on the edge of denouement

with abated breath.

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Sevenling (Floating)




Silent streams of ether notes fade

as the prelude pours from bird throats—

taking the cue, the sun begins the fugue till twilight coda


Such buoyant strain is not for all

as it bugs, bites and blunts their being—

they would rather strum darkness from their core


Aylans float to get stuck on the shore.



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Envy’s silent ember

burns every cell-

miasma of stale rancor emits-

from nostrils, mouth

and every pore-

then slowly spirals up-

to engulf the earth


Death chuckles

licking up blood.


I sit

almost dazed-

in this world of Hollowmen

without breathing

being stifled-

without seeing

being blinded-

without praying

words being broken,

melted and vaporized.



I wonder how much hatred a man could carry to crush more than 80 people and wounding a hundred….

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