Envy’s silent ember

burns every cell-

miasma of stale rancor emits-

from nostrils, mouth

and every pore-

then slowly spirals up-

to engulf the earth


Death chuckles

licking up blood.


I sit

almost dazed-

in this world of Hollowmen

without breathing

being stifled-

without seeing

being blinded-

without praying

words being broken,

melted and vaporized.



I wonder how much hatred a man could carry to crush more than 80 people and wounding a hundred….

Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights _ Hate’s a parasite that rots the Soul – [22] @ A Dash Of Sunny




Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United



32 thoughts on “Hatred

  1. This is soo touching, Sumana and quite a timely write. It is said that negative emotions like hatred attempt to destroy our peace of mind and further lead to chaos and destruction. Beautifully poignant. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant and support.

    Lots of love,

  2. It does feel like the world is full of hatred and hollow men and yet perhaps all we can hope is that there are more good people than bad.. and hopefully more kindness than hatred

  3. So much blood licked up through hatred! I cannot understand either how one can be so consumed with hatred that one would commit such an act! Horrific.

  4. Feeling your brain numbing incredulity. I think it is impossible to even to try and understand the rationalisation of such an act XXX

  5. Your poem voices my feelings, Sumana. There is so much I can’t understand in the day some individuals are treating other people. I often tell myself that this has to be a sickness, that it can’t just be dislike that grows into something unimaginably rotten…

    I, too, wonder what goes so wrong in a mind, in a heart… to drive a person to such measures.

  6. Beautiful piece, Sumana! Those who follow a group based on unfounded hate are Hollowmen as you described. I believe they are brainwashed and have erased their ability to feel empathy.

  7. I wonder the same thing, Sumana. The idea of Hollowmen is apt – for beings of compassion and emotion could not do such things. I resonate with Josslyn’s comment.

  8. “I sit
    almost dazed-
    in this world of Halloween” So often I sit and feel exactly this. We are one here in our thoughts, yours so beautifully written and so true.

  9. When I was reading the news, I cannot understand why it happened. From a celebration to tragedy. You have a very powerful poem here Sumana, I can feel every word and thank you for expressing what most of us feel. The last two lines are particularly strong.

  10. being blinded-
    without praying
    words being broken,
    melted and vaporized.

    I think this sums up how we all feel – lost, confused, speechless.

  11. Your poem makes me feel the victims hatred captures–to do the hating and to be smothered by it. The crushing is incomprehensible, but your poem describes the evil thoroughly. A masterpiece!

  12. Powerful lines of poetry that really pack an impassioned, emotional punch. You’ve incorporated some interesting word smithing and random rhyme in this poem, that adds to the reader’s sense that this is a piece that was thoughtfully crafted . . . an important piece.

Thank You :)

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