Sevenling (Floating)




Silent streams of ether notes fade

as the prelude pours from bird throats—

taking the cue, the sun begins the fugue till twilight coda


Such buoyant strain is not for all

as it bugs, bites and blunts their being—

they would rather strum darkness from their core


Aylans float to get stuck on the shore.



Adding my piece to the 5th year celebration @ dVerse for Victoria’s hosting ~ Poetry and Painting Embrace: We Can’t Forget Claudia Schoenfeld 


12 thoughts on “Sevenling (Floating)

  1. that tore my heart… they risk everything to escape the terror and so many lose their life on the way – we have a refugee camp close to where i live and i met some of them at a party last weekend – they struggle to learn the language and need to get used to a completely new country but they’re just glad to be safe

  2. strum darkness from their core, and that photo, bring sadness and tears. The world floats by, and its hard to go on knowing someone is stuck on some shores.

  3. Tears. even at the picture.
    such idyllic scenery…and yet, such pain.

    especially on the heels of having such a wonderful time with kids of the world, this struck me.

    i like the new webpage symana.

  4. Oh how this broke my heart all over again. Immigrants of all the ages risk so much to get to a better place. In this day and age, we see it all. And this little immigrant…oh my heart.

  5. It is a very sad situation – risking death to escape a hopeless situation and losing in the gamble. What misery brings people to such choices? I can only hope that fewer and fewer know the answer.

    Very thoughtful piece of writing here, Humans. 😊

  6. A sad song indeed and so hard to accept. This is a beautifully crafted piece and you’ve really dug deep to express the heartache, especially in these lines…”as the prelude pours from bird throats” and “they would rather strum darkness form their core” . Heartbreaking.

Thank You :)

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