Sevenling (Suffrage)


Courtesy: Poets United


I stand in the long queue of ladies

Curtained Electronic Voting Machines wait too

While posse of sweating police silently guards.


I am to choose a lesser evil

And the EVMs will collect abstract dreams

The cheeky old sun winks at the police.


Political anti-heroes shake on the edge of denouement

with abated breath.

Posted for Susan’s Midweek motif ~ Suffrage, the right to vote @ Poets United



16 thoughts on “Sevenling (Suffrage)

  1. Whilst I agree sadly so many politicians are wolves in sheep’s clothing…then again we often vote for the loudest voice. Tricky business isn’t it?

  2. Well said, Sumana! We need to be rescued from corrupt, ineffective or indifferent leaders. One salient way to do that, is to put more of the good ones in power . Elections are the mechanisms that enable this change…..

  3. How so true, Sumana. We should be thankful for living in a country where at least we have the right to vote and dream of changing the world by choosing the lesser of two evils…

Thank You :)

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