I don’t want to sound selfish

as I believe I am not,

well, that’s everyone’s faith

yet I can’t help rolling back to myself only

and not to this burning world.

It has been, is and will be

like this, always smeared with blood;

who could forget the scourging,

thorns, nails, lance

 and those five wounds

for a single Man?


Bloodshed is Eternal.

So is Love.


I am not given the responsibility

of this spinning planet

to make it whirl in my way.

Rather unlike previously

I have learnt

to bridle my tongue.

Now it discriminates

words and foods;

my feet, so used to strides

try to grasp smaller steps, now;

I try to let the Beauty and the Beast be.


For Bloodshed is Eternal.

So is Love.


I feel the change in me;

I have no want;

only when my eyes behold

the war torn Syrian children

holding a poster of Pikachu,

asking the Pokémon Go crazy world

to find them and rescue,

my heart bleeds;

words birth

I breathe silent prayers

to fill the air.


Bloodshed is Eternal.

So is Love.



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Posted for Gayle’s hosting Part Five; Revisiting Anthony Desmond @ dVerse for their 5th year celebration


Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United