Drought & Deluge

red sunset over cracked earth




This heart

became an arid biome;

through the cracks

one could reach abyss;

but Thou

deluged this heart

with Grace

filling every pore

for me to sing

of You

forever more.



Posted for Tuesday Poetics: Drought Or deluge over @ dVerse



Sharing with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United



31 thoughts on “Drought & Deluge

  1. Sumana, we have a saying here: You are one who somehow ‘uses lemons to make lemonade.” This means to me…you make the drought into something good! This poem speaks to your strength.

  2. There is both a sense of loss and of keeping hold of our loved ones inside of ourselves.. so that we will always be together to quench the droughts and stem the tides..

Thank You :)

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