Love was abducted,

stashed away in some secret cache,

 doomed to die.

Music was lost to cacophony

while rheumy lands misted up with misery.

The days became sunless.




sunshine people emerged from every dark corner

walking the streets.

Anyone might have taken them

for a flamboyance of flamingos.

Through their crystal skin I saw

love flowing in thick red.



All is not lost.



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Courtesy : A Dash Of Sunny


Tap tap tap

my fingers dance.

Inky words hold hands

and sway in rhythm

attired in many a hue

of joy, sorrow and even anger.

On the luminous stage

they perform and live their dream.




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A Black Headed Oriole



My inner child

is clad in sunshine

and wants me

to put it on.

But I can’t wear a mask.

What would you do then?

Dig a burrow and hide there

dreaming raptors extinct?

My monsoon heart

brews thick dark clouds.

The stubborn child with its wand

makes a black headed oriole

out of that inky billowing mass.

I look up and see

the warbler

pecking its golden plumes

on a Neem tree.

Isn’t she a sweet note,

a Hymn itself?

Is the tree still scrawny

with the winter hangover?

Thin, slender neem leaves dance

in the breeze, I see.

It’s not breeze; His breath;

each leaf rises in joy with The Touch,

whispers the child.

As she hunkers down

I begin to relent.

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La Nuit*


From Auschwitz night was born a spark

that grew into dawn and a bright day.

It’s a Light to grow seeds in wasteland

where deep rooted fear sends forth

fronds of holocaust dreams. This forever light

is not put out even at the touch of death.**

*A memoir by the Elie Wiesel; the other two parts of the memoir are Dawn and Day.

**Remembering Eliezer (Elie) Wiesel, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor, who dies at 87 on Saturday, 2nd July,2016.

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