Reading Cards: Ride & Flight




I ride the crest of the day

with sun plumes on my crown.

I whisper with the night waves

to take me deeper down.

They oblige gifting me

pearls of lost days I had.

The child heart gleefully plays

there’s nothing to make it sad.

The sunny, moonie, starry sails

take me further to Thou.

Cloudy careless chaos brood

while I feather me now.



Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights over @ A Dash Of Sunny ~ Lets take a look at the cards, shall we? – [24]


I selected the Fool tarot card, which is supposed to be my future. It reads like this:

The Fool represents the child within us. A new area of life is explored with spirited carelessness. Remain childlike in this exciting phase. This card also stands for a deeper sense of spirituality. Probably you are about to explore different options. Watch out that you are not focused on just one direction. You are in need of profound knowledge. Your environment may not understand this desire completely. See it through. The fool believes in life and expects his path will be good and rewarding.

– Creative chaos – Fresh start – Careless