Courtesy: Google Image


Lying supine

one eye half closed

the other one full…


Or scheming?

Better wake up.

Stop being so MeRrY.

Like scourge,



here coMeTh




*I will love Tom & Jerry till my last days 😉



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Cats @ Poets United


17 thoughts on “Tom*

  1. Such a cute poem. I like Tom and Jerry too. Would love to rewatch those antics with a more “mature” eye now. Then laugh and laugh, I’m sure.
    Thanks for this Sumana.

  2. Ah, you remind me of my childhood, Sumana. There always used to be Tom and Jerry cartoons in the theaters before the movies started. Ah, I can still see those two……AND smell that theater popcorn as well. Smiles.

Thank You :)

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