Tell Me What Are They




I see you rise up

the petal stairs of the rose

before taking to your wings.

You then waft, drift along the breeze.

Dainty damsel!

You are not of this world!

None sees you.

To all you’re neither a fairy nor a ghost

but the scent of the rose.

I delight for I see you

the fragrance of the flower ethereal.




You came to me in a nightmare

when stealthily you stepped out

of the fleshy corpse flower.

I wondered if you belonged to this world.

Such a macabre smell you are!

Let alone flying,

I saw you limping

on the ground.

so unsightly!

With carrion flies, beetles

following you.

Seems right companions for you!

Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights: On Popular Demand – Lets gather around for some ghost stories – [8]




Shared with Poetry Pantry #316 @ Poets United