Morning’s Blessings

Diamond-fluid from grass tip drops

One beat of the startled heart pops

As the brown ground licks it up

Tiny rainbow perishes in mud

Me the lone on looker

A tiny Tuntuni* floats its song

That alights in heart; passions throng

As the soul holds it tuning in

Music flows in bloodstreams

Me the lone listener

Last night’s bud blooms in light

Calling bees to buzz in delight

Fragrance fox trots with the breeze

Rising nose tips gleefully sees

Me the lone inhaler

The pinkish sun spreads its warmth

From chilled bones smiles birth

In love the soul embraces Earth

Doleful life blends with mirth

Me the lone joiner

Joy in all forms all over strewn

Love in elements prances and runs

Spirit rises in cloud seven

Manna in torrents pours from heaven

Me the lone taster

*Tuntuni is the common tailor bird found across tropical Asia

Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Blessing @ Poets United



17 thoughts on “Morning’s Blessings

  1. Wow! I feel the slow opening from the dewdrop to song, from bud to breeze, until I can’t keep from embracing earth! A glorious poem.

  2. You are amazing Sumana – I love that rainbow even though it perishes in the mud..I suppose the blessing is in seeing it..perhaps we need to be alone and in a contemplative state to appreciate the better things in the world around us which sing and thrive..and carry on

  3. Such a lovely little morning bird. I do adore the little burdles and their song! This is beautiful, Sumana. It is astonishing, the beauty we are surrounded by, everywhere. Enough to keep the heart full of gratitude, for sure.

Thank You :)

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