Google Image: Sheuli flowers



All night, like the wish-stars

Sheulis* drop from boughs

on the soft cotton cloth,

spread, to take them to the shrine,

where sit deities with a smile.

The devotees wish on them

to have a blessed autumn

for all as Durga Ma comes home.

Like the gliding cotton cloud

I wish to sail back to childhood

to that sweet, soft home so full,

where mirth and dream bloomed.



*it’s a sweet smelling autumn flower that reminds us, the Bengalis, of the festival Durga Puja, when Goddess Durga is worshipped.

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Wishes / dreams

The pregnant dawn spills its secret

Birthing sun in all the earnest

Tearful moon hugs the morning star

Gifting me wishes from afar

Let’s do a daybreak twist

Before the dawn begins its drift.



The sunbird fluttering its glossy wings

Round the edge of honey spring

Pricks its needly-beak into the bloom

Taking away all my gloom

Let’s do a sunbird twist

Before the honey seeker swiftly shifts



I am spreading my dream of green

To reach all heart to make them grin

Let all souls be made of light

Glow and twinkle in dark night

Let’s all do a starry twist

Before the dream vanishes into mist


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