Wishes / dreams

The pregnant dawn spills its secret

Birthing sun in all the earnest

Tearful moon hugs the morning star

Gifting me wishes from afar

Let’s do a daybreak twist

Before the dawn begins its drift.



The sunbird fluttering its glossy wings

Round the edge of honey spring

Pricks its needly-beak into the bloom

Taking away all my gloom

Let’s do a sunbird twist

Before the honey seeker swiftly shifts



I am spreading my dream of green

To reach all heart to make them grin

Let all souls be made of light

Glow and twinkle in dark night

Let’s all do a starry twist

Before the dream vanishes into mist


Posted for Poetics: Wishful Thinking over @ dVerse


18 thoughts on “Wishes / dreams

  1. The wish
    is granted..
    on the first
    green day
    of life on earth..
    the wish expanded
    now with creature comforts
    spilling over land filled mines..
    The wish taken for granted.. the gift
    is being raped more as creature comforts
    spill over land filled mines of more.. the wish
    can be taken back..
    and grey
    death with
    only electrons
    swirling star dust gain..
    Life is the wish i love to keep..
    the wish of before.. the gift of alWays now..:)

  2. your words have a lighter touch than ever painting such delightful visuals – lifted all our hearts – those passing sunbird moments surely help us through the mist

Thank You :)

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