I enjoy my inner flights.

I spread my wings,

in one long breath

I soar inside.

There is a sky

though not always bright;

but even in darkness

there’s twinkling light

of words; sane,

peaceful and intense.

There’s hue

of love dribbling in drops

from hearts

near and far

in places and times.

There is tune

waiting silently

for unsung words.

Now I have come to this Man*

sitting at his feet,


listening to his words,


and my dusk is turning into dawn.






*Rabindranath Tagore. Though I’ve known him through words from my childhood (he loved children and had written so much for them) but very recently I have started translating his songs (in my new blog Sonar Tori) which have already started opening a new window to look at life, once more, in a different light.





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