“Don’t ask when, which song

To whom I dedicated.

In the dusty wayside

They are lying about for those

Who feel for them.


Have you heard my voice

Have you embraced them in your heart

I don’t know your name

I am giving in your hand

This love of my very own soul”

Rabindranath Tagore


Countless pebbles were strewn

all over the dust in the open.

I took one in my hand.

It felt soft

and began singing in a liquid voice.

This world turned shadowy; faded out.

Infinity opened its eyes.

I was immersed, melted

owning them all.





Posted for Opening to the Muse-dVerse Quadrille # 16


23 thoughts on “Open

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous ….the pebble singing in your hand, consciousness expanding…….I love “Infinity opened its eyes”….and the oneness with it all. Sigh. I like your poem better than Tagore’s.

  2. Sumana, this is just breath-taking. I have a thing for stones, in fact, have a little bowl with a collection of them here on a nearby bookcase. They speak for the ages, have been around so long. I love Tagore and I suspect he has a bit of competition. These lines delight me:

    It felt soft

    and began singing in a liquid voice.

  3. Interesting how something as hard as a stone can feel soft, but I know what you mean…especially if they are smooth or polished, they do have that soft feel to them. Beautiful write.

  4. sMiLes my friEnd Sumana..
    i thiNk all the problems
    in the world can be
    traced to one
    three letter
    word of ‘own’..
    and then when folks
    attempt to name Nature
    God and ‘Own God’.. comes
    stuff like destroying ‘Islands’
    and so many otHeR species
    along the way…
    To Give Love
    Freely in sharing
    is trUly A greATest
    evolved gift yeT.. And
    this EARTh as home to do
    thaT is Equal giFt oF Nature onE..
    All of this is in plain site of FeeLinG..
    but only for those who SenSe and FeeL iT..
    Nature Deficit Disorder stArts wiTh a three letter
    word of own.. and ends in a six letter phrase of GoD owN..:)

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