Who, What am I?

Buried deeply

under this

flesh of a body…..

A gender?

A thought?

An emotion?

A consciousness?

A space?

A time?

A journey?


How this home of a body

flows through time.

With an ‘I’

ever mysterious,

seated inside.




Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights: On Popular Demand – That which we seek; deep within will find – “IDENTITY” [9] @ A Dash Of Sunny




Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United



26 thoughts on “Identity

  1. Whistles!! ❤❤ This is absolutely gorgeous writing, Sumana 🙂 the poem leaves me in deep and peaceful contemplation regarding our significance and history behind existence upon this earth. Especially enamored by the lines ‘How this home of a body flows through time. With an ‘I’ ever mysterious seated inside.’ Beautifully expressed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

  2. Sumana, I think this is a question we struggle with throughout our lives. Who am I? We ask this when we are young, middle aged, old. The question is the same, and the answers may change with time….

  3. How the I, can conflict within, fighting with its own egotistical ways, instead of just being. Such an enjoyable read, especially……………..
    How this home of a body
    flows through time.
    With an ‘I’
    ever mysterious,
    seated inside.

  4. It’s a mystery…we can only know by learning from others who have gone before and have left clues behind in their teachings and words. Even then we can only gain an inkling .We are here to serve and enrich each others lives in myriad small ways . This is the path to happiness…giving.

  5. Recognizing spirit/soul within the body isn’t it awakening for us at any stage of evolution…this identity sometimes so controversial, and we start to move to alignment …

  6. This is a fascinating piece that brilliantly articulates that nebulous quality which, for most of us, is our life’s quest: Who am I? I do think that with introspection and honesty we may come closer to answering that question, though, I doubt, that it is ever fully comprehended – at least not on this mortal earth.

  7. Who am I? That is a very good question and I think it is one we may never really know the answer to, as we are always evolving in the journey. I often ask myself that question. In the end we will become particles of cosmic dust. Who am I, I think perhaps a being with a spirit that will live on.

Thank You :)

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