I ask the young boys

of our neighboring country,

why do you cross the border

with guns

claiming a part

of our land

while your native land

remains shackled

in darkness

of poverty and ignorance

and itself burns.

Haven’t you ever been fed with love

or anything good?

Has knowledge never been your food

to set you free?

Why are you

on a killing spree,

shedding blood and tears

over a piece of land

that never was yours

nor will ever be.

Why won’t you

engage yourselves in works

that make your land


instead of sneaking into

a foreign land in darkness

with threat?

From this side of the border

all I can do is grieve over the loss of lives

of yours and of our eighteen young men.

Seems terrorism is a business trend.

I only wonder

whose pawns you are!


If I had the power

I would turn every gun

into a rose.


But these days

Love is a myth

Hatred reality.




[It’s impossible for me to remain quiet over some stupid activities going on in our Borders. India was torn into three pieces on the basis of religion by the British and power hungry Indian and Pakistani politicians in 1947. People (read the media & politicians) on both sides harbor a kind of hatred for each other ever since. So sad it is. Very recently two of the terrorists from across the border connected with Uri killings have been arrested. Thanks to the villagers of Kashmir who informed the army of their whereabouts. The well known strategy of the statesmen to opt for war simply to divert attention of people from internal crises to nationalism must be denounced by ALL. It’s really sad when educated people fall prey to nationalism, media hype and fill their heart with hatred for their neighbors.]

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