Love of the sky

for its clouds,

banyan’s cool shade

for the weary wayfarers,

rippling smile

of rivers scattering beauty,

lofty Himalayas’

fountain bursts,

noonday summer sun’s

needed heat, heat, and heat

all I received

in this life

from my first teacher

my mother.




Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Teaching @ Poets United


11 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Yes, we so need to learn from our Mother’s, either what we want to be, or what we do not want to be. My Mom was a wonderful teacher, too bad more of the lessons didn’t take….she was a wonderful cook, and I got bumble fingers there. She loved poetry and I think I got that.

  2. Who can ever forget a mother’s teaching? It may be faulty, or it may be freighted with unshakable truth, but who can forget it?

  3. How absolutely gorgeous, Sumana! Of course all of us have to give this heartfelt thanks to our first teacher, because yes, she is our first (and in most cases) our most wonderful teacher.

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