Real world is invisible

without the Inner Eye.

It’s a lesson, I had learned.

I had to go through crises

till the Eye was opened.

Some are born with it,

some grow it with time,

and some die blind;

never missing them in life.

I would rather embrace

a colorless, prosaic world

that the Inner Eye will show

than live in a mythic world of rainbow .

If you have it

Not only does this world

become a crystal

but also those who inhabit it.

And it’s the only way

to be spared from

that invisible big bad wolf.

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Invisibility @ Poets United


16 thoughts on “Invisibility

  1. Wow! The Eye opened, we are spared. Why does that make me feel so sad? It should be a gift to know the relative worth of all, to cut through illusion! This poem shimmers on the edge of truth and paradox.

  2. My Eye is open. Nevertheless I feel the need to see rainbows even paint them, for how else do we remain sane.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  3. that the Inner Eye will show
    than live in a mythic world of rainbow .

    The inner eye can detect the wants. It would allow one to choose what is desirous rather than stay cooped in one corner craving for activity! Very true Sumana!


  4. I so resonate with your words, Sumana. So true that some grow this vision over time, and “some are born blind”. I love the world becoming a crystal. Such a thought-provoking response to the prompt.

  5. My theme also, for this prompt!

    Interesting viewpoint. I was born with it – I’m glad to know it can also be developed.

  6. We are all individuals and experince things differently. We can’t always share the beauty we see as each of has our own perceptions. We are not right nor they wrong as our lives are uniquely our own.

  7. Inspiring poem, Sumana! So neatly composed!
    Meditation, yoga, and all forms of out of body travel open the Inner Eye and help us see things beyond the physical realm…however, it’s not easy! Just as the owl is blind to the light of the day, we are blind to the spiritual world…Beautfiul.

Thank You :)

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