Courtesy: A Dash Of Sunny


These days I put on a smiley face

to hide grief, sorrow etc. when I’m outside.

No one likes sadness. Rightly so.

I am happy so why isn’t everyone happy?

This may not be the attitude

all the time though.

Still I wonder

if everyone really loves

all to be happy .

Today a colleague invited me to her house

to have some chat; she has just returned

from the US where her daughter stays.

When she called

at first I half heartedly agreed.

My smiley mask was jubilant

as it found a job;

but then I refused

as I am suffering from bouts of allergies

and still on medication.

Moreover these days

I am sick and tired of ‘talks’.

The smiley spoke to me

in an unusual somber voice

“But you’re making her sad;

she wants to share

her happiness with you.”

Sorry, little emoticon

you have to be off

my face now.

I’m not in a dilemma.

What I’ve decided I’ve decided.

I would rather complete the poem

and stay in ‘my-space’

than talk, talk and talk

and listen, listen and listen

and pretend, pretend and pretend.


Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights: On Popular Demand – Life is a masquerade. You never know who might be hiding behind a mask or façade – [10] over @ A Dash Of Sunny


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