I’ve never heard

such a lusterless,

and apocalyptic word

as ‘post-truth’.

This word will never get

capital letters from my end.

Yet Aleppo is happening,

lips are stitched with uncanny silence,

and power lies in the hands of liars.

No wonder such words should surface

from darkness now.

Just to think of the year 2016

has been characterized

with this shadowy word

makes me cringe.

It was the international word of the year 2016.

The word is a marker

of ‘What man has made of man*’

Nevertheless I like to dream:

Truth is never dead.

Facts are never passé.




*From William Wordsworth’s poem  Written In Early Spring



Posted for Elizabeth’s Creativity Challenge 24 and the word for today is ‘Shadow’


shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United




What keeps you ticking

when you feel like dying?

Hunger. It pushes me forward

and lifts me up

from the ashes and debris

of what was once mine.

And what keeps your soul alive?

Music. It converts my tears into joy.

I lend my ears to every note

while picking up

the shards of my pieced self

to restore.


Posted for my Midweek Motif ~ Music @ Poets United