I’ve never heard

such a lusterless,

and apocalyptic word

as ‘post-truth’.

This word will never get

capital letters from my end.

Yet Aleppo is happening,

lips are stitched with uncanny silence,

and power lies in the hands of liars.

No wonder such words should surface

from darkness now.

Just to think of the year 2016

has been characterized

with this shadowy word

makes me cringe.

It was the international word of the year 2016.

The word is a marker

of ‘What man has made of man*’

Nevertheless I like to dream:

Truth is never dead.

Facts are never passé.




*From William Wordsworth’s poem  Written In Early Spring



Posted for Elizabeth’s Creativity Challenge 24 and the word for today is ‘Shadow’


shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United



25 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. 2016 is definitely the culmination of “what man has made of man”. I feel the same way, Sumana, and am wondering where the humanity is in a world that allows 100,000 innocent civilians be trapped in war, with no one going to help. I am thinking of the seven year old who has been tweeting her thoughts in the midst of bombs dropping, whose voice has gone silent. It is a mad, mad world.

  2. Even in Wordsworth’s day, eh? In a strange way, that gives me some hope that now, too, we may find our way out of the dire circumstances.

  3. Again, you speak for me, dear Poet, and that is the job of poets–to make the invisible visible. I will share this poem about the lack-luster and–to my mind, inhumane–term “post-truth.”

  4. Yes, to think that this is the word for 2016 doesn’t speak very well at all for this year as a whole. But unfortunately I think the word characterizes the year very well. I do wish that this world (and the word of the year) contained more hope and light.

  5. I wanted to forget 2016 but I realized there are still positive lessons I learned this year. I hope 2017 will be a brighter year to all of us.

    Cheers and enjoy your holiday, Sumana

  6. Great poem and so timely! It’s been a very difficult year to distinguish between truth and facts. I do hope that that truth will win, and that corruption will be exposed.

    Happy Holidays, dear Sumana.

  7. Yes my dear Sumana – many thanks for your brave and bold offering, attempting as I did to – to find something defiant to say about 2016 – Jae is right we kindred spirits must stay hopeful and bright… With Best Wishes Scott

  8. Indeed, that word “post-truth” is awful: sad and creepy, all at once … kind of makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up while bringing a lump to your throat. A powerful piece, Sumana.

  9. kaykuala

    Yet Aleppo is happening,
    lips are stitched with uncanny silence,
    and power lies in the hands of liars.
    No wonder such words should surface

    There are reasons that others can only voice but can’t do much about!


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