New Beginnings


We aren’t letting anyone

among us

be another Aylan;

floral glade is our mission


I let my life

melt into colors, poems and songs.

It’s a new year’s resolution.


A nestful of promise,

needs warmth,

to shower a skyful of peace.


I gaze Agape

at the artwork in motion

with the Artist

in the guise of exhibition


In the autumn forest,

I’m a hidden dream.

I will manifest,

Come spring.


I see the Ark

coming down from a heart

to follow the ancient path

towards Life.


When beauty gushes forth

From the fountain within

I cry out Lo and Behold!


I have lifted my anchor

with a crescent-faith reflecting you

to begin my sail

towards Thou.

Posted for dVerse Poetics ~ New Beginnings hosted by Mish. We are to choose a piece of artwork among eight done by wonderful artists. According to her, “You may be moved by more than one.”. Ha, I used all the eight irresistible pieces of Beauty in  my poem.


16 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Kudos to you for the burst of poetic fervor, for the blessed need to shower all eight images of hope & rebirth with your words, your heartfelt projections, tossing white dove feathers into the slow moving tar-slide of Trumpian dystopia that is moving inexorably toward our times, our minds, our lives.
    I like #2 & the lines /I let my life/melt into colors, poems & songs/. Hear, hear!!

  2. At a dark time of the year, your words give such hope and inspiration. I love them all, such a great collection of inspirating verse, but II spoke to me and lifted my heart.

  3. Beautiful! You rocked the prompt, Sumana! I like the way each of these seems to have it’s own style and voice, just like the artwork. Thank you for honoring each of these artists with your beautiful words.

  4. kaykuala

    That’s most remarkable Sumana! You’ve bravely included all of the paintings on offer and came off them with brilliance!


Thank You :)

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