Love is the Crown of Thorn



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“And love is a thing that can never go wrong;”…Dorothy Parker



Love is the Crown of Thorn,

and the sky

where nestle dark matter and light.

Love is the trickling blood

dripping from the Cross, or

from a saint’s decapitated head

in this worldful of traitor.

Love is the twine,

a melting tune

flowing from a Flute

played by the little Butter-Thief*

to tether us to Thee.



*refers to Krishna, a Hindu deity: Krishna is often depicted wearing a silk golden yellow dhoti, and a peacock feather crown. Common depictions show him as a little boy playing the flute. Other depictions show him as a bundle of mischief, stealing butter from neighboring houses in the form of Gopkrishna and other childhood exploits. [Source: Wikipedia]


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