Looking Through Your Eyes


You wipe the mist

the heart gathers.

I wonder

who lives in the depth

of your placid eyes

that never ripple,

let alone wave

even in the strongest storm.

A spade is a spade to you

but never did your lips part

to grind others

with truth-y hammer.

What are you made of?

Grace and Honey.

Mercy and Zephyr.

How vices transmute

in that furnace heart!

I remember

how I used to gorge

with a hungry soul

your luminous words

in my dark days.

There can never be

an era of post truth

even if the fools longed for it.

For you are the Truth.

You are the Path

and the Portal

to Life. I live,

because Thou Art

my breath.





Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights ~ On Popular Demand – Through the eyes of my friend [12] over @ A Dash Of Sunny




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