My road to the past

is not yet blocked

so reminiscing feels

like a walk into a mansion

with countless rooms;

through their casement

streaming sunlight warms

my chilled bones.

Each grass blade of a day

in the luxurious sprawling lawn,

each bloom,

is so familiar.

I love to wrap me up

with the tapestry of the night

woven with silver and diamond;

warm, fragrant, breezy and safe.

I long for them and do have them

in my heart core

for the path is not yet blocked,

there’s still the scent of light

though I hear

a hoot or two of forgetfulness

in ruffled feathers

the twilight sky is spotted

with a bat or a star

to remind me of the approaching dark.






Posted for Sumana’s Midweek Motif ~ Nostalgia @ Poets United



21 thoughts on “

  1. I’m glad the road is still open for me too though there are times when clouds make the path a little harder to see. I hope we are able to keep our fondest memories till the end.
    Enjoyed reading this Sumana.

  2. “a walk into a mansion / with countless rooms”
    And the grass and night tapestry! How beautiful the landscape of your past. I hope writing about it keeps the path open, writing while the path is still open keeps us on it. And when part closes, something new and brilliant lies ahead.

  3. Looking back and forward at the same time, with pleasure in the one and acceptance of the other. A lovely poem, and a gentle lesson too.

  4. Ah….if the road to the past is not yet blocked, the time is right for that reminiscence. Thankfully there is a scent of light always finds a way to work itself through!

  5. We tend to cling on to memories of the past as though they were precious gems because as those early steps made us who we are. We want to take all thaty with us wherever we go in the future. Your words were so beautifully written Sumana.

  6. This is indeed a wonderful walk into the mansion of our memories, Sumana. The past days of sunshine, flowers and wonderful aromas within make it easier to cope witht eh approaching darkness…

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