The Cuckoo Shows Up


Courtesy: Google Image

On this spring day


the cuckoo has come out;

in its dark body,

white beak;

with its feet

on iron grill design of a window;

with a nonplussed glance

in its red eyes

into human home corner.

Was it ever meant to be seen?

It’s always been the spirit

of the forest green.

It’s always been a voice


Yet on this very spring day


the cuckoo shows up;

its throat holding

a blurred forest song

in this concrete jungle.


Posted for Poetry Pantry #344 @ Poets United




25 thoughts on “The Cuckoo Shows Up

  1. Sigh. This is GORGEOUS!!!!!! I especially love its holding a “blurred forest song.” (Maybe the cuckoo has fled Washington, D.C. because it is getting too cuckoo there even for cuckoos. LOL.)

  2. A metaphor, for our need for love, in a time of extreme hate, for the world around us, calling out to us, if we’re willing to listen to it. Let hope, we’re wise enough, to hear it, and act responsibly to it’s call.

  3. Apart from the avian rats (the pigeons and sparrows) I am always amused at other bird species deciding to move into the city. Kestrels and hawks are happy to lower the pigeon population but then others find pickings good in the streets and parks too so why not the cuckoo!

  4. Yet on this very spring day
    today the cuckoo shows up;

    There are events that unexpectedly show themselves much to our delight. Must be preceding some good fortune perhaps!


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