The Kindness of Strangers

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Courtesy: Poets United


could be a truly sultry

sweltering, hellish

Indian summer.

Beelzebub words

lie in wait

to create a pandemonium

at every chance and

rivers of liquid fire is ready to flow.

Yet you don’t know

when a soul may become

ethereal spring


colorful blossoms,

southerly breeze,

cerulean sky,


when every word spoken

may become manna.

I had seen a Spring soul

offering his bus seat

to an elderly lady

who gave him a jasmine smile.


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ The Kindness of Strangers @ Poets United




16 thoughts on “The Kindness of Strangers

  1. oh that jasmine smile and the indian summer analogy..both perfect! Though the indian summer also means mangoes and lychees so…perhaps the good is to be searched for and savoured!

  2. O, yes. The other day a young man stood and gave me his seat on the bus, and it was as if a most fragrant bouquet of lilacs and forget-me-nots fell into my hands. I wonder if he got my “jasmine Smile”? The extremes of hell make this little instance even more Soul Healing. It is much more than delight.

  3. It is rare to see chivlarous behaviour any more. It is sad to note how simple acts of kindness overwhelm us. It is because the world is so brutal now.

  4. Yes, spoken words may become manna, but they also may become poisoned barbs. It’s up to us, the speakers: manna or barbs. May we choose wisely!

  5. A spring soul offering his seat to an elderly lady always makes my heart feel so very good. That ‘jasmine smile’ is definitely payment enough.

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