When the Sky Is the Mirror


How come the sky

all on a sudden turns so sunny bright

even here

where every day is chopped,

hacked and burnt;

where people feed on bombs;

where broken walls of schools

bear black bloodstains;

where rowdy nights

in a miasma of rotting humanness

smirk in malicious delight;

where tattered souls

still breathe a yearning

for a drop of peace on their tired tongue?

Oh why not?

For angels of valor have come out on streets;

pulling out the sun

from the debris of despair;

healing the air with the song of hope;

creating waves of love to spread across the world

while fluttering their invisible wings and glistening in smile.



[I must say Sherry’s poem Children of Syria overwhelmed me and also the video attached with the poem. I wished to include the video in my blog too but my WordPress blog would not let me. Brrrr]



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