I walk in the footsteps of Nature.

I am a She and believe She too is a She.

Her rivers run through my veins

so my feet tap unwittingly

to the rhythm of rain;

to the songs of rainbow;

I have embraced the Flame of Life.

In the thunderstorm days

I had learnt forbearance from Her.

I have seen how She is robbed of Her treasure;

She is abused, pummeled and battered

in the hands of greedy marauders

yet she breathes Her blessings into the sky

in the words of star-full nights

sunsets, sunrise.

Taking cue from Her

I’ve come to terms

with the child snatcher Death

and turned my sighs into words.




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Manasarovar Speaks


Source: Lake Manasarovar

I live in the foothills

of Mount Kailash

who has been meditating beside me

since eons.

His snowy tress matted in rocky locks

hang precariously.

I stay agape in reverence.

It is spring.

I am melting into joy

as slowly I take off

my white shawl,

putting a turquoise one

in its stead.

Soon they will come;

the brownish Brahminy ducks,

gulls, herons

and other birds of passage

to bloom on my wavy hands,

to tickle me with their webbed feet.

I’ll shiver in joyful waves

by their touch.

Along my edge

the buds have already begun

opening out their golden petals

in profusion.

They too will come;

the pilgrims.

They call me holy

and take a dip in my calmly waves

to gather piety.

I love to hear them speak

about their travails,

Woes and joys.

I offer a Brahminy duck of peace,

scent of flowers, creepers

in their heart

when they take leave of me.

I have been like this since eons.

*Lake Manasarovar (also Manas SarovarMapam Yumtso; is a freshwater lake [4,590 m (15,060 ft) above mean sea level]. This lake is considered very sacred by Tibetans Buddhist, Hindus, and Jains and appears excessively in Tibetan folk songs and dances.

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