Holy Day


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“Hell is empty

And all the devils are here.” – The Tempest: Act 1 Sc. 2


Thus spake the Bard.



I try to seek holiness

in butterfly wings

gilded by sun-dust;

in rippled pond

where a heron meditates

on one leg for a fish;

in needle billed sunbird

that sweetens its life

from a saintly lemon blossom;

in lotus words

gathered by the truth-seekers

through the ages.

Any day could be a holy day

only if these MOAB-y Dicks

would return to where they belonged.



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif Holiness / Holy Day @ Poets United



13 thoughts on “Holy Day

  1. I am laughing so loud! But I should sober up. This poem is beautiful, and it contains a rightful measure of SHOCK. May you be HEARD! It is a painful disjunction between what we can see is possible and what we see CRUNCHED instead because of those devils. Why is it so? Why both the incredible beauty and the undeserved ugliness?

  2. Oh, yes!! The last two lines of your poems are so right-on target. Blunt and to the point! Certain things / people have done their darnedest to ruin the holiness of so much of the beauty of nature. But we must not buy into their evil game.

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