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I open the wrap

of dawn’s matins slowly

breathing a soft prayer

to the unseen sender

every day.

I open with my trembling hands

the darkest envelop

to find stars inside.

I thank the unknown sender softly

every night.





Posted for dVerse Poetics ~ Wrap it in Ribbons Please! Hosted by Lilian


20 thoughts on “Gift

  1. Really beautiful. It’s the gifts of nature, the ‘matins’ of morning, those prayers which gift to him the stars of night. The best gifts of all. Lovely.

  2. Makes me think of Elvis & his song, “Return to Sender”, for at some point that’s what each of us does. I love your discovery of stars in dark envelopes–the whole piece, despite its brevity, is deep & reverent.

Thank You :)

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