22 thoughts on “Desert Tales

  1. Wonderful words creating wonderful images, and providing a wonderfully metaphorical self-portrait.

  2. I think so many of us think exactly this way as the “civilised” world seems to go crazy. What better way to be useful on earth than to give succour to others.

  3. an unusual wish so colourfully presented – most of us long for caramel words and a sweet and easy world but then to quote Eliot: “humans cannot bear very much reality”. No doubt you have found something deeper in the dark rays

  4. This is so dreamy. The Oasis part is key and the caramel words make me feel how sticky they are.

  5. Indeed, that mirage of the promise of a velvet universe has rained down (and continues to rain down) a lot of suffering on humankind … in pursuit of that which is not there. An insightful and impactful piece masterfully rendered, Sumana.

Thank You :)

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