Summer Devours



Sultry summer blows

out the pretty blooms’ glow.

They brown.



At the crest of woe,

all ride, seethe and slow

them down.



Dog days freely flow.

Their torrid smile glows.

We frown.




Posted for dVerse MTB ~ Lai It On! Hosted by Victoria



17 thoughts on “Summer Devours

  1. There’s so much here to love Sumana. First I love Sultry Summer – beautiful, sexy alliteration (in a devil sort of way). The other thing I like is how you contrast ‘glows’ as first something beautiful that has been blown out and then secondly as the ‘glow’ of the smile of the clever dog – the dog days of summer. How you personify ‘dog days of summer’ is very clever and wonderfully done. Really great work!

  2. I like the way you wrote about this side of summer with humor. To me your poem also highlights people’s coping abilities with what goes around them.

Thank You :)

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