The Lady


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A dignified lady

often visits me.

She’s about six, fatherless

and has a flair for words.

She dislikes her ‘letter life’

roaming about

in coaches, boxes and pockets

all the time.

She’s a storm at home

(her mother’s version)

though at my place

she flows like a gentle breeze

carrying fragrance

of fresh enlivening words

with the jingle of a child’s voice.

I suspect

a poet is in the making.




Posted for Poetry Pantry #357 @ Poets United


22 thoughts on “The Lady

  1. If the speaker’s suspicions are correct, then this poet-in-the-making must be encouraged and nurtured.

  2. Lovely Sumana – beautifully rendered and true… How blessed we are when such bright young spirits come our way to nurture us…

  3. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being a mentor, to another person, and watch them, blossom before our very eyes, as potential becomes reality. I wish, the two of you, much happiness on this journey of learning and self-discovery, Sumana.

Thank You :)

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