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In school I thought I had deer feet. So every year in annual sports-meet I would line up with others in short blue skirts, white shirt, white cades shoes without spikes; with ears sharp to three words that would shoot at two feet: get, set, go. All I could see was the big red ribbon held across by two teachers which I had to touch first. I know during the run I would shut all my sense organs except vision. I believed I did really fly. Yet there were taller feet, stronger and faster. I always ended up among the first four or five. However the victory stand gave space to only three. That shiny golden cup with the brown base where your name, class, section, date and the sports –  event written on a white card were pasted always eluded me. Always.

Twinkling lights of night

Lies beyond reality

Wish star falls on ground




Posted for dVerse Haibun Monday – Sport hosted by Bjorn



17 thoughts on “Sprinter

  1. I know that feeling of shutting all the sense organs except vision – eyes on the prize. Such a shame that the prize eluded you – although your wish star didn’t really fall on the ground as you ran your fastest and made it to the ribbon.

  2. A beautiful haiku for the disappointments of a child. It is in the running and the image you’ve created here of deer feet that the winning is accomplished.

Thank You :)

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